Video Essay for Year 20-21

Hello, applicant!

Team ECS is excited to get to know you, and to do so, we’d like to meet you in a 90-second video-essay that responds to one of the following questions listed below. Just like the Common Application that high school seniors fill out when they want to apply to college, our video-essay portion of the application has a number of questions to choose from.

Choose the question that you feel the most excited to answer…the one that you think will show your best self! No one question posed by Team ECS is meant to be considered “more important” than another.

Be sure to check out some tips from Team ECS and to check out the rubric it will use to assess your video-essay. Be sure that YOU are the one who appears in your video-essay! Good luck!

Video-Essay Questions

What is your favorite subject to study in school, and how has your interest in this subject influenced you in other areas of your life, OR how has your interest in this subject influence your decision to apply to Early College Studies?

Describe a challenge that you have faced. What did you learn about yourself because of the challenge, and how has facing this challenge influenced other areas of your life?

What do you envision for your future, and how can a program like Early College Studies help you get there?

If you could add one course to your middle school schedule, what course would it be, and why do you think it would be worth attending as a student?