The Application Process

There are three stages to the application process. Students must participate in all three stages in order to be considered for admission into the program.

Stage One: A student completes the initial application with help from an adult in their life (parent/guardian/adult who as permission to act as the parent). The initial application asks for basic information about the student and is meant to express a desire to participate in the application process. During this stage, students indicate who their school counselor is and the name of two current teachers whom they would like to provide performance feedback about the student.

Stage Two: The ECS director will send student applicants a login name to Flipgrid. Students can choose from a number of questions to determine which they would like to answer in a 90-second video. The applicant should take time to prepare their statements beforehand and practice — perhaps in front of a mirror — so they can present themselves in a confident and articulate manner. The applicant may re-record their answer as many times as they wish until they are happy with it. Once an answer is submitted, however, that is the applicant’s “final” entry.

Stage Three: Students will participate in a group interview activity with other applicants at their middle school in late January.

The admissions committee reviews all data collected about the student (feedback, video essay, interview, any other relevant information) and creates a cohort of 50 students. Students who do not make the initial 50 spots of the cohort are placed on a waiting list.