Team ECS

Early College Studies is housed within Stamford High School, which is led by Principal Ray Manka. Assistant Principal Rafael Escobar serves as the coordinating administrator for the program.

Adam Scianna, Director

Adam Scianna has been a Mathematics Teacher at Stamford High School since 2011. In his last 9 years at Stamford High School, he has taught a variety of classes ranging from Geometry to Calculus, Introduction to Engineering and Robotics.

Mr. Scianna has a background in engineering and is a strong proponent of preparing students to be not only college but also career ready.

Mr. Scianna has a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Connecticut, as well as a Certificate of Advanced Study in Education Leadership from the University of Bridgeport.

Paula Yates, Workplace Learning I & III

Paula Yates is a former Certified Public Accountant who worked in both small and large companies in the private sector upon earning her Bachelor’s degree from Michigan State University. After about fifteen years in this industry, she earned her Master’s degree in Education from the University of New Haven with a desire to bring her knowledge of the corporate world to students.

Besides Workplace Learning II, Ms. Yates teaches Marketing, Introduction to Investing and the Stock Market, and Information Technology. ECS students benefit from her knowledge of this coursework as she collaborates with the other educators on Team ECS to craft curriculum that supports students in developing the executive skills necessary in the professional world.

A mother of three (ages 17-23), Ms. Yates is not only professionally experienced with the school to college to career process but is also personally experienced with it because of her children. She has found that her students benefit from this life experience of hers as well.

Tom Duffy
, CS Department Chair, NCC

Professor Tom Duffy is the Chair of the Computer Science Department and the Program Coordinator for the Computer Science degree as well as the Web Developer, Relational Database, and Smartphone App Development certificates. He teaches courses in Web Development, XML, Java, and Mobile Device Programming.

Professor Duffy holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics and Master of Arts degree in Mathematics/Computer Science from Western Connecticut State University. He is the owner of Bright Moments Software – a software company specializing in Web Technologies.

Professor Duffy has published Programming With Mobile Applications, his second book. The book is available from Cengage Learning. He also just published Vanilla JavaScript: Progressive Web Apps, his fifth course on LinkedIn Learning where he specializes in Web and Mobile development.