Prospective Students

Dear prospective student,

It’s great that you are here exploring your high school options and the possibility of being in the Early College Studies program. Early College Studies looks for students who demonstrate initiative and who are motivated to create options for themselves in school and in life. Being here on this page is a sign that you have those qualities!

(If you are a parent/guardian of a student and you are here, thank you for your interest in the program and for advocating for your child. In ECS, we value the partnership that we grow between our staff and the adults in our students’ lives. We know that you are an important influence in your child’s life, and our students can truly thrive when all of the people in their support system work together. If what you see here on this site makes you think your child would benefit from this program, please refer them to this website so they, too, can become an active, invested participant in the decision to apply.)

In order to make an informed decision about whether or not to apply and accept a spot in ECS, it’s important that you “do your homework” and learn as much as you can about the program. We at ECS recommend that you are familiar with the following components of the program, which you can read about on the FAQ page. (You can also click on the blog categories in the sidebar to learn more about each topic.)

The Associate’s Degree in Computer Science

Workplace Learning I, II, and III

Workplace Mentoring     (page coming soon)

Upperclassmen Internship (page coming soon)

The Application Process

Expectations of Students in the Program