WPL II Students Tackle Real Stamford, CT Issues

We are very excited to be partnering with Innovate Stamford to incorporate authentic, relevant issues into our Workplace Learning II curriculum. Our partnership has given ECS students access to information and data that identifies some of the most critical issues that the City of Stamford wrestles with as a place to work and live. Sam Gordon, the grant manager behind Innovate Stamford, visited both classes and provided an introduction to the greatest challenges the city faces and the work that has already been done to address them.

Did you know…

In 2017, Innovate Stamford formed and was catalyzed with a $2 million grant from CTNext, a state-funded subsidiary of the quasi-public venture capital firm Connecticut Innovations. The grant designates Stamford as an “Innovation Place”, a hub for innovation, entrepreneurship and business growth. This is part of a statewide effort to build a more robust community of entrepreneurs and accelerate startup growth by providing access to talent, space, industry expertise, services, skill development and capital.


The first issue our students are tackling is “The Culture of Mobility in the City” …or lack thereof. Below is a copy of the task our students were handed. You can also click here to view the introductory video Sam Gordon created for our students as they started their unit.

After initial independent work to prepare for their various roles, students were placed into four teams and each team will function as a design firm, mirroring companies like IDEO that partner with corporations and organizations to redesign a relevant process for them. After students design a plan to address the need for an increased culture of mobility in Stamford, their findings will be sent to Mr. Gordon, and he will crown one of the firms that presents the most viable solution as “the winner.”

There is a very real possibility that student ideas could be implemented right here in their own city. Wouldn’t that be something great to put on their student resume for college or their next job?!