Information Session Slides

The following slides are used in the information session held for parents and families. The presentation is organized into four parts; see below for a brief explanation of all four parts to correspond with the slides.

  • Background of Early College High Schools in the United States: ECS is a result of the model created by schools that came before it and by support from the state’s Early College Opportunity initiative.
  • Early College Studies overview: Regardless of when students are eligible to begin college-level coursework in high school, ECS offers students the opportunity to do real work on real problems that are relevant to their community, city, state, nation and their world. Students are provided support to help them realize a career path, whether it is in the field of Computer Science or not.
  • Our partners: Early College Studies would not exist without multiple valuable partnerships between local organizations and institutions. In particular, we exist because of Stamford Public Schools, Norwalk Community College, Beyond Limits Academic Program, Mayor’s Youth Employment Program, and Stamford Public Education Foundation.
  • Students in the program: Regardless of when our students begin their college-level coursework, the most successful ones contain a number of attributes. Early College Studies is a rigorous program that provides motivated, personally responsible students with the opportunity to earn their associate’s degree in Computer Science while in high school.