Students Prepare for Accuplacer

Image result for accuplacer practice test imageIn order for students to begin taking classes specific to their associate’s degree in computer science, they need to place into particular math and English classes. Norwalk Community College determines this readiness through the use of the Accuplacer exam. This placement exam ensures that students can demonstrate that they are adequately prepared to tackle the academic challenge of college-level courses rather than being placed in a course with academic requirements ahead of what they are ready for.

ECS has partnered with Tutor Me SOS, which is an academic support organization with an extensive background in helping students prepare for the Accuplacer. Students are receiving specific test preparation classes about once a week from March through May via their Workplace Learning class.

Tutor Me SOS staff have determined over the years that one of the biggest barriers to students doing well on the exam is a lack of confidence and familiarity with basic, foundational math skills. Students are so used to using a calculator for foundational skills, that they falter when asked to perform these skills by hand. Students can counter this issue by reviewing these skills beforehand as part of their test preparation.

After each tutoring session through WorkPlace Learning class, students receive a packet of practice problems for homework. Students are expected to complete this packet by each due date announced (normally one day before the next tutoring session).

The Accuplacer test will be scheduled for May 2018 at Norwalk Community College.