Mentors Help Students Network

Students continue to enjoy and benefit from the workplace mentoring sessions, organized by SPEF, that are held monthly at NatWest in Stamford. The focus is always on improving the students’ soft skills that are needed in a professional environment.

Today’s soft skill focus was networking. Students first got creative with their mentors and made five business cards that they could later hand out. Then SPEF ran a “speed networking” session where
students had two minutes at a time to practice talking — on the spot — with different mentors in the room.

The ability to network continues to be one of the main ways that potential employees land an interview. It’s no longer about simply submitting a resume and cover letter, but much more about who a potential employee has a connection to that can get the resume looked at. We want our students to be prepared to confidently talk about all of their experiences in ECS, and today was a great way to practice!