Spotlight Student: Shaina

Name: Shaina B.

Current Grade: 9

Current Favorite Course: English
What drew you to ECS@SHS?
I was drawn to ECS when I heard about the opportunity to take classes at Norwalk Community College.
What are you looking forward to in ECS@SHS as you progress in high school?
While I am enrolled in ECS at SHS, I am looking forward to the internship opportunities and learning how to properly present myself when applying for a job.
What do you personally imagine doing with a background in technology?
I picture myself working at Google, Instagram, or any other large technology company. I love the idea of being apart of a company that is changing the future.
It’s early in the year, but what is your best ECS@SHS related memory so far?
My favorite ECS related memory so far is the field trip to NatWest. The field trip was a great learning opportunity and I was able to experience what the workplace looks like, and what the workplace consists of.
Anything else?
I am very grateful for this learning opportunity, and I hope to earn my associate’s degree while I am in high school.