Study Finds Benefits of College Courses

Members of the inaugural ECS cohort pose in front of their
new academic home for the next four years.

Early College Studies students start thinking about college courses and college-level requirements from their first year in the program.

While there are many benefits for students participating in ECS@SHS, one benefit in particular is the opportunity to take courses that lead to the attainment of an associate’s degree in either Mobile Programming or Software Engineering from Norwalk Community College.

An article in Inside Higher Ed recently published findings that confirm the benefits of taking college-level courses while in high school:

“The report finds that not only has the number of high school students taking these courses increased dramatically in the last decade, but these students are more likely to graduate high school, attend college and earn degrees than their peers. The study found that 88 percent of dual-enrollment students (who took community college courses in high school) continued in college after high school, and most achieved a degree or transferred within six years.”

While Stamford High School is prepared to support all students in the program for fully completing their associate’s degree along with their high school diploma, it recognizes that some students may choose to transfer their credits to a four-year institution rather than complete their associate’s degree. Even if a student has aspirations of attending a four-year institution, ECS provides all students with skills and experience that will benefit them far beyond their time in high school.