ECS Students Take on Micro-gravity

Thanks to Special Education Science teacher, Ms. Susan Dougherty, Stamford High School is participating in the School Space Experiment Program run by NASA. (That’s right…NASA!)

Early College Studies students jumped on this opportunity to put their innovative thinking to good use.

SHS students learn the rules and guidelines
of the SSEP contest from Ms. Susan Doughtery.

Groups of students are currently creating a five-page proposal for an experiment to be conducted in space by astronauts on the next mission. One group will win the school-wide competition and see its experiment performed in a real micro-gravity environment. The team will have access to the results of the experiment in order to finalize any conclusions.

ECS currently boasts two teams of students. These student teams have a faculty adviser, but they are charged with imagining, researching and creating the experiment all on their own. The faculty member is simply present for guidance.

This is an incredibly exciting, most likely once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for students, and ECS is proud of its freshmen for taking the initiative to participate in this real-world opportunity.