The mission of Early College Studies is to support students in cultivating future-ready skills for high school, college and the workforce while empowering them to pursue a career in computer science.

Thanks to a partnership with Norwalk Community College, students have the opportunity to simultaneously earn their high school diploma and an associate’s degree in computer science within four, five or six years. Stamford High School educators provide students with the coursework they need to develop appropriate academic and executive skills while content-specific educators at Norwalk Community College provide coursework students need for the degree in Computer Science.

All students in the program take their assigned high school core classes plus three credits of Workplace Learning:  ECS’s hallmark course with a problem-based curriculum where students design products and solutions for authentic world issues. Additionally, all students in the program are provided with a Chromebook, workplace mentors, and a paid internship the summer after their junior year.

Students become eligible to begin pursuing college-level computer science courses once they consistently demonstrate strong performance in their high school classes, plus a score high enough on Norwalk Community College’s placement exam, the Accuplacer.

Early College Studies is open to all students who are residents of Stamford — regardless of their zoned high school — and application is in the winter of a student’s eighth-grade year.